When it comes to getting a fast response, efficient, versatile tool, designed to help deliver high-quality services, regardless of where you are, nothing compares to specialty vehicles. A specialty vehicle is a mobile unit designed or custom upfitted to serve and meet specific needs and professional purposes, and it has quickly become trendy in Colorado.

There is an endless range of vehicle and feature combinations applied in a specialty vehicle engineering. Depending on each of the business or projects' specific requirements, one combination will work better than the other. For more than two decades, Summit Bodyworks has been a leader in the specialty vehicles industry, and we can make your specialty vehicle engineering project a complete success. Our Commercial Vehicle Equipment division applies the highest quality craftsmanship and innovation on every specialty vehicle engineering project they develop.

We can take any modified existing mobile unit and upfit it with the highest quality design and equipment to exceed your expectations, or custom-build your vehicle from the beginning, providing the best specialty vehicle engineering solutions in the industry. Learn here more about how we can help with your specific specialty vehicle engineering requirements.

Boost Your Business Community Reach with Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles have quickly become extremely popular between business and Longmont organizations. A professional specialty vehicle engineering expert will be able to design, set, and build customized vehicles to satisfy the needs and requirements of specific departments of staff members to perform their tasks no matter where they are.

Lately, Longmont businesses and organizations have found specialty vehicles a fantastic opportunity to reach more people, not only for commercial purposes but also as a community outreach and support tool. For more than 25 years, Summit Bodyworks has been providing the best specialty vehicle engineering services, and we have witnessed the powerful impact that a specialized vehicle could have on society.

Popular Specialty Vehicle Community Development Purposes

There is a wide range of opportunities a business or Longmont organization could get to boost its community outreach through a specialty vehicle engineering project. Most popular and traditional are the units specialized for the healthcare sector. At Summit bodyworks, we have worked on all sorts of health specialty vehicle engineering projects like:

  • General Medical
  • Dental
  • Medical & Dental Combo
  • Mammography Clinics
  • Bloodmobile
  • Ophthalmology
  • Audiology
  • Mobile Lab
  • Medical Education
  • Telemedicine

Other types of specialty vehicles that can provide a substantial positive impact on a Longmont community and your business image are: bookmobiles or mobile libraries. Providing access to low-income communities for education, culture, and art.

Finally, we have to mention the public safety sector. Summit Bodyworks is an industry leader in the design, manufacturing, and installation across a broad range of law enforcement vehicles. A specialty vehicle engineering project is an excellent option for public safety entities to have better access and reach to Longmont communities, keeping all of us safe.

Some of our most popular specialty vehicle engineering projects include: SWAT, RDV, TOC, Negotiations, EOD, Mobile Command, Crime Scene, Accident Investigation, Mobile DUI, Mobile Interview, Marked Patrol Vehicles, Low Profile Patrol Vehicles, Detective / Command Vehicles, and our unique Multi-purpose Command Transport. Contact Summit bodyworks today and support your community by getting better access and reach. 

Whether you are a startup, entrepreneur, or an already established business, a specialty vehicle is a practical and powerful solution. It will boost your income and expand your services while getting access to a broader target audience, among many other amazing benefits your project or business could get from a specialty vehicle engineering solution.

If you are in the healthcare industry, a service provider, a social or community reach organization, being able to provide your staff with professional equipment will exponentially boost the quality of their performance. However, the full range of options, specialty vehicle engineering configurations and equipment, can quickly become overwhelming. Therefore, it is vital to work with a professional specialty vehicle engineering provider that can accurately take care of your specific specialty vehicle engineering needs.  

For more than 25 years, Summit Bodyworks has been the nation’s premier specialty vehicle engineering provider across a wide range of industries. From Mobile Healthcare, Tool Trucks, Blood Collection, Community Outreach, and Law Enforcement, we have the experience, knowledge, and skills to overcome any specialty vehicle engineering task that businesses and projects require. Contact Us today and get the specialty vehicle perfectly fitted to your specific needs. 

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