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Customize a veterinary vehicle to meet your team’s specific needs. At Summit Bodyworks, we can build the perfect size vehicle equipped with industry-trusted equipment.

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At Summit Bodyworks, we specialize in custom vehicle builds, including veterinary vehicles. We have over three decades of experience customizing vehicles, and we will use our experience as we help you design vet and pet adoption focused units. We will work with you on the customization of surgical rooms, cages, cabinetry, awnings, and more. Our team of designers and engineers will also assist you with choosing from a variety of additional add-ons including solar panels, inverter/converter, generators, AGM & lithium-ion batteries, hybrid and electric chassis options, and more. 

When it comes to choosing the right veterinary vehicle for your team, it all begins with the chassis. We offer quality options including all of the following:

  • Freightliner M2
  • Ford E-450
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Transit 
  • and more

Our team of engineers, designers, and installers is here to ensure that your custom veterinary vehicle is built to the exact specifications needed. Our goal is to help equip countless teams with the perfect mobile veterinary clinic. Whether you are a livestock veterinarian or a dog groomer, we can assist you in customizing the right set up for your job. 

Not only do we focus on building a vehicle that offers the ideal workflow for you and your team, but we also focus on creating a vehicle that provides comfort to the animals you serve. Our unique attention to the tiniest of details is one of the many ways that we strive to be your trusted veterinary vehicle builder.

  • Kennels and cages

    Veterinary vehicles will be equipped with any desired kennels and cages. This ensures pets can be safely held in between veterinary services. For adoption clinics, these cages will be customized to allow for easy viewing and handling of the adoptable animals.

  • Medical benches and exam tables

    A mobile vet clinic will come equipped with benches and exam tables, mimicking the exact layout of a physical office. These exam tables will be custom-built to remain fixed in place, even during transportation. Comfortable seating can also be added to the space.

  • Specialized storage/refrigeration options

    Veterinary services often require careful storage of medical equipment, pet food, and medicines. In some cases, this even requires refrigeration. Mobile vet clinics will be outfitted with all necessary specialized storage, including options for refrigeration, temperature control, and hazardous waste disposal.

  • Customized design for best workflow

    One of the greatest benefits of a custom veterinary vehicle is that you can design the clinic with the ideal workflow for your needs. Whether it is a high volume clinic or it is a specialized mobile surgery unit, the workflow can be customized for efficiency and safety.

  • Ramp/stair options

    Ensuring easy access to your mobile veterinary vehicle is a must. We can help you customize the right combination of ramps, stairs, and motorized platforms to ensure easy access for all. This can also aid in moving equipment, kennels, and other heavy items.

Hybrid and all-electric solutions are available for many of our vehicle applications.

Going electric is a great way to increase efficiency and save on costs. As an industry leader in all-electric solutions, we offer custom, innovative solutions that are better for the environment AND your bottom line.

Hybrid & All-Electric Specialty Vehicles
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Up to 85% less operating costs

100% electric & Hybrid options

Ford eQVM approved

Carb certified

Up to 66% less maintenance costs

Incredible performance

Safe and reliable

Smooth operation

Over-the-air updates

Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the most common size of a mobile veterinary clinic?

Mobile veterinary clinics come in a variety of sizes and styles. You will find vets utilizing everything from a customized van to a full trailer build out to every size in between. The real determining factor in the size of a mobile veterinary clinic is how the unit will be utilized.

For example, in rural areas, a larger mobile vet clinic might be necessary for veterinarians who specialize in large animal care. Conversely, a vet who is simply showing up to locations to provide vaccinations for small household pets might do just fine with a custom van build. 

Additionally, if a mobile vet clinic is going to be utilized for more intensive care, it might need to be outfitted with larger equipment, such as x-ray machines.

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Can the veterinary vehicle be used for surgeries?

A veterinary vehicle can be utilized for surgeries, as long as it is customized to handle the necessary equipment for doing so. If a clinic plans to use a mobile unit for surgeries, the layout will need to be designed to accommodate for this.

In many cases, mobile veterinary clinics are utilized for routine surgeries, such as spaying and neutering household pets. In other situations, a mobile vet might utilize the vehicle for emergency surgeries in rural areas. Regardless, a custom build will ensure that every necessary component is added to the vehicle. Common inclusions for mobile veterinary clinics that will allow for surgery include operating tables, IV equipment, and storage for necessary tools. Additionally, a waiting area that is separate from the operating room can be included for the animal’s owners.

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How many pets can the veterinary vehicle hold?

A veterinary vehicle can hold any number of pets. The total amount a mobile unit will carry is dependent upon the layout and build. In some cases, a veterinary vehicle will be designed to allow for the highest number of pets possible. These units will be built with stacked cages and kennels and are usually utilized for the transportation of pets from one location to another.

In other cases, a mobile veterinary clinic will have less room for multiple pets at once and will instead utilize the space for important features such as a check-in area, a waiting room, and an area for pets to be seen. This style is utilized for clinics that act as an extension of a normal veterinary office. Additionally, the size of the vehicle will play a factor in how many animals can comfortably and safely be held in the clinic at once.

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What are the most common uses for a veterinary vehicle?

Veterinary vehicles are utilized for an array of reasons, including the following: 

  • Spay and neuter clinics: In many cases, mobile vets will travel to pet stores and other parking lots to offer weekly or monthly spay and neuter clinics to encourage responsible pet ownership.
  • Vaccinations: Another way to encourage public safety, mobile vet clinics will travel from area to area offering vaccination opportunities for pet owners. 
  • Specialty care: If some animals do not handle trips to a vet office well, a mobile clinic can offer specialized care for these animals. 
  • Large animal care: Livestock veterinarians will often utilize mobile units to reach their clients in the field. 
  • Rural vet care: For those who live in remote locations, a mobile vet clinic offers a chance to receive medical care for pets that might otherwise not have a chance to see a veterinarian. 
  • Low-cost clinics: In many cases, a mobile vet unit will be utilized to offer low-cost clinics for pet owners who cannot afford traditional services.
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Do both public and private organizations buy veterinary vehicles?

Yes, both public and private organizations buy veterinary vehicles. Both organization types can benefit from the use of a mobile clinic. In the case of public purchase, a veterinary vehicle is often utilized to offer low or no-cost clinics. These mobile vet vehicles will travel around cities or rural areas offering vaccinations, spaying, neutering, and microchipping at lowered costs. Additionally, public organizations might utilize these vehicles for enforcing city regulations or capturing loose animals.

In the case of private organizations, mobile vet clinics often act as an extension of a physical location. This allows a veterinarian to expand their services without the high overhead cost of an entirely new location build. Instead, the mobile clinic can travel from location to location, allowing a vet to offer their services across a much larger area without opening individual offices in each place.

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