Eco-Friendly Specialty Vehicles

If you're interested in a hybrid vehicle for your business, Summit Bodyworks can deliver the vehicle or fleet that fits your exact needs.

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Sustainable Fuel Solutions

Interested in transitioning to hybrid vehicles but unsure where to begin? Let us guide you. While hybrid vehicles offer environmental benefits, they also present smart business opportunities. Reduce operational costs, boost profitability, and enhance efficiency through innovative solutions. The potential is limitless.

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We can help any applicable industry go hybrid, but here are a few of the most popular.

  • Mobile Medical 
  • Bookmobiles & Outreach
  • Government 
  • Commercial

Volta Power Systems

Let’s face it. Gas and diesel-powered generators are costly. Not to mention, they’re bad for the environment. Plus, over time, running your diesel engine while stationary is not good for your motor. That’s why we have a solution that’s better all around the board.


Made from automotive-grade lithium-ion, Volta power systems:

  • Eliminate or greatly reduce the need for generators or idling
  • Are environmentally friendly without compromising performance
  • Meet capacity needs from 3.3kWh to over 100kWh
  • Give you access to the highest energy density on the market
  • Allow you to run your vehicle’s air conditioning for hours without idling
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One of our vehicles in action

We built a custom mobile imaging vehicle for Save the Storks, delivering ultrasound and pregnancy testing in a mobile setting. This vehicle uses Volta power systems to help eliminate the need for generators while idling.

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