Moving & Storage Trucks

Customize a durable moving and storage truck for your company’s needs. At Summit Bodyworks, we offer unparalleled builds backed by superior customer service.

A moving or storage truck is utilized for transporting items on a regular basis. From hauling people’s furniture across town to moving cargo across the country, these trucks need to be reliable, safe, and built for heavy-duty use. At Summit Bodyworks, we can assist you with meeting the challenges of the moving and delivery industry. 

Our goal is to create a custom build that is easy to load and unload, offers convenient organization, and maximizes cargo space. When you work with our team, you will leave with the ideal truck build to increase productivity while minimizing any damages to your customer’s belongings. 

With an in-house team of engineers and designers, we can offer you a diverse line of moving and storage truck bodies. Each body is designed with enhanced durability, featuring a stronger 4” cross member, rather than a standard 3” version. Our focus is on the longevity of the truck’s use and the safety of its passengers. 

The end result is a truck your company can rely on for commercial or residential use. Paired with our outstanding customer service, you can trust us to provide you with a truck to meet every single one of your team’s needs.

  • Easy accessibility options

    There is perhaps no feature more important for a moving/storage truck than easy accessibility. We custom build your truck’s body to ensure that customers and employees can quickly and safely move items in and out of the truck with ease.

  • Durable structure

    Let’s face it, moving and storage trucks take a beating. For this reason, we construct all of our truck bodies for extreme durability and longevity. From transporting couches to hauling pianos, our trucks will withstand the rigors of the move ahead.

  • Assistance from a professional design team

    Not every company can offer the specialized assistance that we do. At Summit Bodyworks, we have a team of in-house designers who will work with you to ensure every detail of your build is covered. Partnering with our engineers, our designers are here to create the ideal moving truck.

Hybrid and all-electric solutions are available for many of our vehicle applications.

Going electric is a great way to increase efficiency and save on costs. As an industry leader in all-electric solutions, we offer custom, innovative solutions that are better for the environment AND your bottom line.

Hybrid & All-Electric Specialty Vehicles
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Up to 85% less operating costs

100% electric & Hybrid options

Ford eQVM approved

Carb certified

Up to 66% less maintenance costs

Incredible performance

Safe and reliable

Smooth operation

Over-the-air updates

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the unique features of moving and storage trucks?

Moving and storage trucks come equipped with a variety of unique features that sets them apart from other trucks designed for hauling. The following are all beneficial features of this truck type:

  • Protected cargo space: One of the major benefits of moving trucks is that they offer a protected space for goods. This ensures furniture, boxes, and other valuables are not harmed during a move. 
  • Organizational shelving: Moving trucks can be customized with any organizational shelving desired. This can help moving companies who need to haul specialized or fragile items. 
  • Convenient access points: Moving trucks feature easy access to cargo. From large rollaway doors to interior cab access to the back, these trucks can be customized for any need.
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What customization can be offered for a moving/storage truck?

Moving and storage trucks can be customized in a variety of ways. The following are all common customization options for this truck style:

  • Specialized organization: In some cases, moving trucks are utilized to transport specialized or highly fragile goods. By building in custom shelving, these items can be carefully organized ensuring efficient transport.
  • Temperature control: From artwork to antiques, moving trucks can be customized to allow for careful temperature control of the cargo bay. 
  • Ramps and lifts: Moving items in and out of a truck can be cumbersome. However, the right ramps and lifts can make this job easier.
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What benefits does a custom moving truck offer?

Customizing a moving truck is the ideal choice for many businesses. While all moving trucks share some features in common, a custom build allows a company to create the perfect fit for their needs. 

When customizing a moving truck, a designer will be able to assist you with picking the right layout, flooring, shelving, and added features. Additionally, a custom build means you can upfit the body you designed to the right chassis for your needs. For example, for companies that focus on hauling items across state lines, a different chassis will be chosen than for a storage company that simply rents its truck out on the weekends for local use. 

The ultimate benefit to a custom build is getting exactly what you want, making your truck the ideal investment for your business.

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How can cargo be secured in a moving/storage truck?

Cargo is easy to secure in a moving truck due to the nature of the space. Most moving trucks feature protected space for cargo, keeping it out of the elements. Additionally, once items are placed into the cargo area, they can be secured with ropes, bungees, and other tie-downs. A custom truck can be designed with hooks and other tie-down points, allowing cargo to be firmly secured. 

Additionally, some moving trucks feature shelving and other storage space. The best way to keep cargo secure is to pack the truck with a plan in mind. Larger furniture can be placed in the back of the truck, with boxes stacked against these items. Moving blankets can also be utilized to protect cargo against scratching during transportation.

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What are common sizes for moving/storage trucks?

Moving trucks come in a vast array of sizes. The right size will depend on the function of the truck. Many storage facilities that rent out moving trucks will opt for a small box truck. These trucks are usually around 10 to 14 feet in length and are ideal for short moves around town. 

In other cases, moving companies will employ much larger trucks for hauling goods across the country. For these companies, a body measuring in at 24 or 30 feet in length is ideal. 

Generally speaking, if the truck will be driven by customers, as is the case for companies that rent out their moving trucks, a smaller body will be ideal. For commercial use, the options are much broader in scope as some of these drivers will carry CDLs.

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