How to Find the Right Bookmobile Bus for Sale

Exterior of bright green bookmobile for Detroit library

Bookmobile buses can be a powerful tool for community outreach. With their large body size, there is plenty of space on-board for resources and equipment. For this reason, many library districts and cities are looking to invest in a bookmobile bus to help increase their ability to reach the surrounding community.

For these teams, it is important to understand how to find the right bookmobile bus for sale. Not all bookmobiles are designed with the same quality standards. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a vehicle that will not require costly maintenance and repairs. Check out the following tips to ensure that the bookmobile you purchase is the best one for your community.

Find a Trusted Dealership with a Quality Inventory

Finding the best dealership is an important first step for buying a bookmobile bus. Due to the special function of a bookmobile, you want to work with a team that is experienced in the design and manufacturing of this mobile outreach vehicle type.

When comparing dealerships, start by narrowing your search to specialty vehicle manufacturers who list bookmobiles as a focus of their work. From here, take the time to compare the dealerships’ reputations. A great way to quickly gather information about the quality of a dealership is to read their online reviews. Look for key trends in their reviews.

Additionally, take the time to reach out to the dealership to learn more about available inventory.

When asking about inventory, pay attention to a few key areas:

  1. Chassis options: Which vehicle manufacturers does the dealership work with to build their bookmobile buses. Certain manufacturers offer better long-term durability and warranty options.
  2. Onboard technology and equipment: Included with your bookmobile should be an array of on-board technology and equipment options. Ask about what comes standard with the purchase of a bus.
  3. Number of choices: A quality inventory should include a variety of options for your bookmobile design. Work with a team that offers numerous layouts and designs.

Work with the Sales Team to Understand Layout Options

Bookmobile buses are large enough to feature a wide array of layouts. When comparing inventory options, ask the sales team about the layouts available. The more options a specialty vehicle manufacturer offers, the better ability for your team to find the best choice.

When comparing layouts, consider the following key features:

  • Driver’s cab: Bookmobile buses can be upfit with a variety of upgrades to the driver’s cab. Ask about the interior options and make sure that the buses are equipped with the latest in on-board safety.
  • Storage space: Depending on what materials and resources you plan to bring, you may have specific storage space needs. Compare what options are available and ensure that you will have ample room for books, magazines, and additional materials.
  • Separate rooms: If your team plans to use your bookmobile to host classes, to provide a mobile computer lab, or to offer event spaces, make sure to look at bookmobile bus layouts that offer separated rooms.
  • Shelving: In many cases, you will want to use your bookmobile to showcase library materials. Compare the available shelving options and determine which layout has the right amount of shelving.

Consider All Future Use-Cases for the Bookmobile

While searching for the right bookmobile bus, you’ll want to think through all the ways you plan to utilize the bus down the road. Examples of how you might put your bookmobile to use include the following:

  • As a mobile classroom: A tremendous secondary use for a bookmobile bus is to host evening classes, provide a space for students to do homework, and offer community educational resources. If you plan to use your bookmobile for classes, make sure to ask about layouts that feature breakout rooms, desks, and ample seating.
  • As a makerspace: Due to the large size of a bookmobile bus, there is ample room for hosting a mobile makerspace. Look into layouts that offer equipment upgrades and space for crafting and digital creations.
  • As an event center: For many library districts, a mobile unit is ideal for hosting events throughout the community. Consider investing in a layout that will make it easy to host onboard events from pop-up storytimes to health fairs.

Discuss Financing

Finally, be sure that you consider what financing options are available as you compare inventory. In some cases, it makes more sense to invest in a larger bookmobile bus even if the cost is higher because it is a better long-term investment. In this case, financing can make this a viable option for your district while ensuring you remain within your set budget.

When comparing financing options, be sure to play around with the numbers. Ask about down payments, interest rates, and payment options. Make sure that you make the most of your capital upfront while keeping your monthly payments low.

Looking for a Bookmobile? Contact Summit Bodyworks

If you are looking for a bookmobile bus for sale, contact our team at Summit Bodyworks. We carry a quality inventory of reliable bookmobiles. Many of our bookmobiles are upfit with premium floor plans and designs. We can help ensure that all the equipment and technology you need is on-board from day one.

With years of experience designing bookmobiles of all sizes, we are confident that you’ll find the right bookmobile bus for your community when you work with our team.