How to Use Your Mobile Health Clinic to Reach Your Community

Female nurse or doctor giving a man a vaccination while two other medical professionals look on

There is no greater passion for those working in the medical community than ensuring equal access to healthcare for all. This passion is what drives medical teams to work around the clock every day, assisting patients with everything from preventative screenings to education about whole health.

In many towns and cities, medical teams want to add a mobile health clinic to their fleet to help reach a larger number of patients in the community. These mobile units can provide a vast array of benefits to both the medical team operating the unit and the community members visiting the unit.

Today, we’ll take a look at how you can use your mobile medical health clinic to reach your community in new and creative ways.

Choose a Flexible Floorplan

Not all mobile medical units are designed alike. In fact, most specialty medical vehicles are designed with specialized floor plans and layouts based on the use of the vehicle.

While it might be worthwhile for a dental clinic to choose a mobile medical unit that is only designed for dental work, many medical clinics actually benefit from choosing a more flexible floor plan.

During the process of procuring a mobile medical unit, be sure to work with a specialty vehicle manufacturer that offers a few different floor plans and layouts. Ask about options that will provide long-term flexibility. Many mobile medical clinics can be designed early on to accommodate a large amount of varied equipment, as well as numerous supplies. This flexibility will make it easier to adapt the unit as needed based on what the community currently needs.

Establish Partnerships in the Community

It can be highly effective for medical teams to partner with other organizations in the community to further their reach.

This includes partnering with food banks, day resource centers, head start programs, and local charities. Establishing partnerships with these organizations can allow you to reach a greater number of community members in need.

For example, if your medical clinic partners with a day resource center, you could set up a weekly vaccine clinic on site. The resource center could promote education around vaccinations and help clients set up appointments for the day your mobile medical clinic comes to visit.

There are countless ways that your team can partner with other organizations in your area to increase your outreach capabilities.

Host Educational Events

One of the best ways to help contribute to the long-term health in your community is by improving health care education in the area. In a world where misinformation can be spread quickly, helping your community access research-based information about their health can be an incredible asset.

Educational events can center around specific health care concerns, such as the following event themes:

  • Heart Health: Use a heart health event to provide education and resources around caring for heart health and information about those who are at the highest risk for heart disease.
  • Annual Wellness Exams: Help your community understand the importance of preventative healthcare and the benefits of scheduling an annual medical exam with a medical practitioner.
  • Pediatric Health: Use a pediatric-focused event to delve into the health and wellbeing of children, offering insights to parents on how to best care for their children’s health today to set them up for lifelong healthy habits.
  • Exercise and Wellness: Keep your community moving by highlighting the important links between physical activity and remaining healthy. This event could even expand its focus on different age groups each month, such as senior citizens or teen exercise options.
  • Nutrition and Health: For many, there is a lack of understanding of the relationship between food and our health. This event could focus on assisting community members in building realistic, nutritional plans.

Meet Specific Needs as They Arise

Reaching your community is all about meeting their needs. For many medical teams, the needs of their community will vary greatly by time of year and based on global events.

For example, most communities see an uptick in the need for COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics during the holiday season. This is a great example of how a mobile health clinic can step up to meet a global need.

Look for areas where your community might have a current need that your team could fill. For example:

  • Visiting rural communities that have been affected by job loss and face transportation issues to offer preventative care services.
  • Setting up vaccination clinics throughout the year at shelters and day resource centers.
  • Offering emergency response assistance during a natural disaster.

In many cases, working with local outreach teams in your community will help you gain deeper insights into what services are in the highest demand. This can help ensure that you use your mobile health clinic to its full potential as you tap into these community-wide needs.

Talk to Our Team About a Mobile Health Clinic

At Summit Bodyworks, we are the nation’s leading specialty vehicle manufacturer and upfitter. We have over 30 years of experience building specialty vehicles, including designing and creating mobile medical units.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities give us the tools to manufacture and assemble an array of mobile medical unit options. During our 30 plus years in business, we have built quality relationships with medical equipment manufacturers, allowing us to upfit our medical units with the highest quality products at a lower cost to you.

Talk to our team today if you are looking for a new mobile health clinic to add to your fleet. We will be happy to discuss our designs and layouts, as well as go over what inventory is currently available. We pride ourselves on providing quality customer service backed by knowledgeable staff members, and we look forward to assisting you on your specialty vehicle search soon.