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Customize a mobile eye clinic for your team’s specific needs. At Summit Bodyworks, we have decades of experience with in-house designs and builds.

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A mobile eye clinic makes it possible to offer patients the same experience as a brick and mortar location with the added convenience of mobility. From customized waiting rooms to efficient workspaces, we can help you customize a mobile vision clinic to meet your team’s specific needs.

At Summit Bodyworks, our custom medical builds start from the chassis up. Our team is comprised of designers, engineers, and builders who all work together to ensure your vehicle turns out exactly the way you expect.

With decades of experience building custom vehicles, you can count our team to construct a mobile eye clinic that is as functional as it is reliable. Whether you are serving patients around town or driving long distances to provide care in rural locations, we will ensure that your clinic is dependable day after day. 

For teams who need to purchase a mobile vision clinic, customization is key. From the necessary medical equipment to the added touches, such as on-board WiFi, we will ensure that the mobile clinic you drive away with meets your team’s specific requirements. Talk to us today to learn more about the custom build process.

  • Customized for efficient workflow

    When seeing patients, efficiency is key. For this reason, our designers will help ensure that your custom mobile eye clinic features the ideal workflow for your team. From check-in areas to the layout of medical equipment, we build the space for your specific requirements.

  • Perfect size options for any need

    Not all mobile eye clinics serve the same purpose. In some cases, your vision clinic might only see a few patients in a day. In other cases, room for dozens of patients at once is a must. We will work with you to customize the size of your clinic as needed.

  • Focus on durability and reliability

    At Summit Bodyworks, we design our custom vehicles for extreme durability. We understand how important it is for your team to be able to rely on your mobile eye clinic day after day. From the body to the chassis to every interior feature, we focus on reliability.

  • Variety of floor plans

    No two medical clinics are the same. For this reason, we will help your team customize the floor plan for your mobile eye clinic. Whether you need a focus on room for specific medical equipment, or you are hoping for a specialized waiting room, we can design the ideal flow.

  • Partnerships with leading medical equipment manufacturers

    A mobile eye clinic requires specialized equipment. From an ophthalmoscope to a phoropter, our team will help you pick out everything needed to run your clinic. We partner with leading medical equipment manufacturers, ensuring all products in your clinic are premium quality.

Hybrid and all-electric solutions are available for many of our vehicle applications.

Going electric is a great way to increase efficiency and save on costs. As an industry leader in all-electric solutions, we offer custom, innovative solutions that are better for the environment AND your bottom line.

Hybrid & All-Electric Specialty Vehicles
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Up to 85% less operating costs

100% electric & Hybrid options

Ford eQVM approved

Carb certified

Up to 66% less maintenance costs

Incredible performance

Safe and reliable

Smooth operation

Over-the-air updates

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the benefits of a mobile eye clinic?

A mobile eye clinic makes it possible for eye doctors to offer their services in a multitude of locations. These mobile clinics make it possible for an ophthalmologist to treat patients across a wider geographic area than a simple brick and mortar office allows. In some cases, these clinics are utilized to serve rural communities, which cannot support an eye clinic on their own. In other situations, a mobile eye clinic might be part of a health fair hosted in a town or at a corporate office. 

Outside of just mobility in use, these specialty vehicles also offer the ability to create a custom layout for the clinic. This can improve workflow efficiencies and allow for improved comfort for patients. Mobile vision clinics are a vital part of medical offerings in many communities.

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What equipment does a mobile eye clinic feature?

If medical equipment would be found in a standard eye clinic, a mobile version will also come outfitted with this equipment. The following are all common types of medical equipment found in a mobile eye clinic:

  • Tonometer: This tool allows a doctor to measure the pressure of the eye. 
  • Phoropter: Perhaps one of the most common tools utilized by eye doctors, a phoropter is a device that measures the refractive error and to decipher eyeglass prescriptions for a patient. Different lenses are applied as a patient views an eye chart. The patient can then let their eye doctor know which lens improves their ability to decipher the chart. 
  • A Snellen chart: This chart is an iconic fixture of eye clinics. Featuring alphabet letters in decreasing order of size, a patient is placed around 20 feet away from the chart and is asked to read the letters off to the doctor. 

If needed, additional specialty equipment can also be added to a custom mobile eye clinic.

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How many patients can be seen in a mobile eye clinic?

At any given time, a mobile eye clinic could host a few patients or even a dozen. The number of patients that can be seen in a mobile eye clinic will vary dramatically depending on the size of the vehicle utilized in the build.

In some cases, a large semi-trailer is used for the mobile clinic. This clinic might feature a complete waiting room and multiple areas for patients to be seen. In other cases, a van might be utilized for the build, only allowing one or two patients to be seen at once. 

The right size will depend on the team utilizing the clinic and what the intended purpose is. Customizing the build will ensure the right number of patients can be seen at any given time.

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Why build a custom mobile eye clinic?

As is true with any mobile medical unit, eye clinics are not a one-size-fits-all type of vehicle. In fact, mobile eye clinics often require very specific features, equipment, and layouts depending on their use. 

With a custom build, any requirement can be met. Additional features can also be added to the build, allowing for a better workspace for employees and an improved experience for patients. For example, if the mobile eye clinic will be utilized to see a large number of patients at once, a comfortable waiting room complete with seating, tables, and other amenities can be added to the build. In other cases, a custom build might focus on implementing specialty equipment for an ophthalmologist to utilize. With a custom build, every single requirement or want can be met.

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Where are mobile eye clinics used?

Due to their ability to be driven almost anywhere, a mobile eye clinic will be found in a variety of locations. The following are all common places where these mobile medical units might be found:

  • School: In some cases, a mobile eye clinic will be driven to schools where eye tests can then be offered to students in a convenient location.
  • Offices: Large corporate offices will often host health fair days. A mobile eye clinic might be utilized to offer employees on-site eye exams.
  • Community Health Fairs: For towns who want to help improve their community’s health, a mobile eye clinic might be brought to a health fair, offering low or no-cost eye exams.
  • Rural Locations: In some cases, a small town might not be able to support an eye clinic. In this case, a mobile eye clinic can offer important medical services on a rotating basis.

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