Fun Ideas for Bookmobile Themed Events

People reading books outdoors at a table

Bookmobiles allow library districts to offer far more than simply the ability to deliver books to various locations around the community. They can be designed to feature learning labs, maker spaces, and so much more.

And, for many communities, a bookmobile is the perfect vehicle for bringing fun, educational events to schools, community centers, and locations around the community where patrons might not have easy access to the brick-and-mortar library location.

Today, we’ll take a look at a few fun ideas for bookmobile-themed events — the perfect way to get the most out of your district’s mobile library.

Seasonal Themed Events

With the changing of seasons comes the perfect opportunity to kick off the new segment of the year with a seasonally-themed event.

The following are all ideas for using your bookmobile to host a seasonal event:

  • Springtime event: As spring kicks off, consider hosting an event focused on the changes nature undergoes during this season of growth. Curate a collection of books for young and old that dives into the wonders of photosynthesis and the lifecycle of local plant life.
  • Summer event: What better way to kick off the summer than with an event showcasing your “Summer Reading Program?” Your bookmobile is the perfect place for hosting a kick-off event to amp up patrons who are eager to participate in this annual event. Set up kiosks where patrons can sign up to join the program, and showcase this year’s prizes and events.
  • Fall event: As the summer season winds to a close and children return to school, consider hosting a “Back to School” event with your bookmobile. During the event, you can provide information to parents about learning labs and study opportunities for their kids. You can also use this event to gather supplies for local schools and organizations that assist families in need.
  • Winter event: Depending on your location, winter might be a frigid, dark time or a relatively balmy experience. Use the winter months to host a bookmobile event that shares information about winter across the globe. Create a collection of books and resources for young and old patrons that explains traditions, weather patterns, and more about what winter is like for people living around the world.

Nutrition and Health Events

Helping educate both children and adults about the importance of nutrition and the role it plays in their health is an important task. For underserved communities, this becomes even more important as a lack of information can lead to the continuation of preventable disease.

Partner with your local health care organization to host an event aimed at providing information about healthy eating and habits. Consider the following for the event:

  • Create a collection of books that showcases healthy habits and explains the relationship between food and our bodies.
  • Host a cooking class with a local chef, demonstrating how to use easily found ingredients to create wholesome meals.
  • Have a nutritionist or doctor host a session on what a balanced diet can look like.
  • Share information about local food banks and other resources where those who need assistance can access healthy food options.
  • Kick off a health-themed reading program, providing incentives for kids and adults who complete activities surrounding health. For example, they might need to log a 10-minute walk or other physical activity, read a book on healthy eating, and try a portion of new food.

Book Category Themed Events

For many avid readers, there is a specific category or genre of books that captures their attention. Tap into this love by hosting a variety of events around book categories.

For example:

  • A mystery night: Gather mystery novels for the young and old and ask participants to dress up as their favorite mysterious characters. Pick a family-friendly short mystery and host a storytime. For the teens, consider a murder mystery and award a prize to the participants who can identify the murderer.
  • A historical figure night: For some, reading about real-life historical events is their favorite pastime. Host a night where attendees dress up as their favorite historical character and share period-themed foods.

The sky’s the limit for book category-themed events. Just by using a genre that exists, you can build an event and collection of books around it.

Themed Events Focused on Creative Arts

Encourage the young and old alike to embrace their creative side with a series of events themed around a specific creative art.

You might host a music night, where patrons can try out new instruments or step up and karaoke.

Or, you could host a painting and drawing event where participants follow along with an instructor.

Regardless of which creative art you focus on, make sure to gather an array of books around that art, including both instructional style books and stories focused on the famous greats of each art form.

Order Your Bookmobile from Summit Bodyworks

Bookmobiles allow library districts to reach countless patrons across their community. Often, these mobile units are designed to provide more than just space for a library, but also include a dedicated area for hosting events. These bookmobiles can then be used to bring fun and education to children and adults through themed events.

If you are interested in designing a bookmobile to host events in your community, talk to our team at Summit Bodyworks. As our recent customer builds showcase, we have ample experience assisting library districts with the design and build of a bookmobile to meet your needs.

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