How Bookmobiles Can Help Students This School Year

Young male student holding school work and smiling

Bookmobiles offer a wonderful service to the local community. These mobile units allow libraries to bring everything from book collections to computer labs to their community. This is beneficial for library patrons of all ages, but one particular segment of the population who can benefit greatly is students.

Over the course of the past year, most students have had to deal with an upheaval in the way the school system works. They have had to adapt to remote learning, hybrid learning, and a new version of in-person interactions.

During this trying time, bookmobiles can offer students a wonderful resource. Let’s take a look at the top ways that bookmobiles can help students this school season.

An Afternoon Study Spot

During the school season, students will be busy cramming for exams, writing papers, and meeting reading requirements. All this study time requires a dedicated space to get work done.

For students who live in busy homes, finding a place to concentrate can be a challenge. Bookmobiles do a good job of filling in the gap for students who do not live near a physical library location. Librarians can set up a rotating schedule, visiting different neighborhoods each afternoon and hosting a safe study space for students. Having a dedicated location that they can count on for studying can help students reach their goals and stay on track. Even better, a bookmobile can provide these students a place to interact with classmates who are also working to achieve educational goals.

A WiFi Connection

An unfortunate reality is that while most learning now requires access to the internet, not all students are provided with internet access in their homes. This can cause students already at risk of falling behind to be put at a further disadvantage.

Bookmobiles provide an opportunity to reach these students. By bringing a WiFi connection to underserved neighborhoods, libraries can give these kids a chance to keep up with their studies. Whether it is establishing a weekend routine that allows students to catch up on homework from the week or a rotating evening schedule, a WiFi hotspot can go a long way in the year ahead for students facing a new educational norm.

A Trusted Source for Research

In today’s world, it can be hard for students to know where to source reliable information. The internet is full of less than reputable resources, making it difficult for students in the process of doing research for papers.

Bookmobiles can offer a valuable tool for these kids. Here, students can learn how to find trusted, reliable sources. Librarians can help guide students through the library’s resources, ensuring that students know how to analyze the information they read online. Additionally, these bookmobiles can host evening classes for both students and their parents to learn the ins and outs of finding trustworthy information.

A Safe Space

During the pandemic, many students were forced to remain at home for their studies. They often faced a slew of difficulties with a lack of opportunities for socialization and the chance to simply get away from the house.

For students with inconsistent home lives, this became a compounded problem. Bookmobiles can provide these students with a safe place to hang out and socialize after school. This can help to not only keep students connected to their community but also ensure they have accountability for daily homework. Whether it is through joining a club hosted by the bookmobile or simply interacting with library staff, a bookmobile can help provide these students with a resource outside of their homes.

A Place for Creativity to Be Expressed

One of the best things about a bookmobile is that these units can be designed to feature any extras a library wants. Many libraries are now using their bookmobiles for far more than bringing books to the community and are turning these mobile units into a workshop of sorts.

By creating a workspace for students, bookmobiles can provide them with an outlet for creativity. The following are just a few of the countless ways bookmobiles can encourage students to engage in creative activities:

  • Hosting art classes
  • Offering a space for students to bring in art projects to work on during the week
  • Providing a computer lab for students interested in using a shared license for creative software
  • Bringing 3D printing to students
  • Offering students access to an array of tools, materials, and resources on creative hobbies
  • Hosting local clubs

Talk to Summit Bodyworks

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