How Moving Library Trucks Can Change a Community

Group of people standing in front of High Plains Library District Bookmobile

Moving library trucks, commonly referred to as bookmobiles, are a popular addition to many library districts. These mobile units are designed to allow libraries to mobilize their resources. In many cases, moving library trucks are upfit on a large chassis, which allows for spacious interiors with the same features and benefits as a brick-and-mortar library location.

In fact, moving library trucks are more than just a nice-to-have. In many cases, these bookmobiles are responsible for changing the community. Let’s take a look at the top six ways a moving library truck could have a positive impact on your local community.

#1: Expand the reach of your library

One of the most evident and intrinsic values of a bookmobile is that these mobile units make it possible to expand the reach of any given library.

In many cases, a community does not have the funding necessary to open up a new library location. However, the cost of a bookmobile is much easier to cover.

This moving library truck can bring resources to neighborhoods and rural areas in the community that might otherwise be overlooked. This can be very beneficial for those living in a community that does not have access to reliable transportation.

#2: Bring diverse community groups together

The public library system is rooted in the belief that all members of a community deserve equal access to the resources the library offers. For this reason, libraries have long upheld a mission to bring diverse community groups together under one roof.

Bookmobiles take this concept one step further. A bookmobile can travel to schools, churches, office parks, and businesses to provide equal access to all community members. Here, groups from all around the area can gather together, sharing information and experiences. This is extremely valuable in creating a cohesive sense of community that spans beliefs, socio-economic levels, and more.

#3: Offer resources for community events

When picturing a moving library truck, many envision shelves of books and patrons checking out materials to take home. However, moving library trucks can actually be utilized for so much more. These units can be used in communities to offer resources for local events.

For example, if a health clinic wants to host a pop-up vaccination event, a moving library truck can partner with the clinic to offer additional resources. The bookmobile might feature resources around the importance of vaccines and the science behind preventive healthcare. The bookmobile can also host a food bank drive by handing out backpacks of food to families in need attending the vaccination event.

In this way, a bookmobile can provide added value to the community by becoming a vital resource for events.

#4: Increase donor and voter support

Most libraries rely heavily on donors to fund their operations. Additionally, much of their funding comes from city or county taxes.

A moving library truck can help increase the library district’s support from both individual donors and voters. By having a stronger presence in the community, bookmobiles can help libraries get the word out about their resources. This can help influence the way people vote on important budgetary decisions and can even inspire some community members or businesses to become financial partners of the library.

#5: Provide a venue for community outreach

A moving library truck becomes an integral component in community outreach for many communities. These mobile units can be used to host various events to assist community members.

A few examples of community outreach opportunities include the following:

  • English language classes
  • Computer classes
  • Resume and job application assistance programs
  • Storytimes
  • Health fairs aimed at increasing education around nutrition and local healthcare resources

#6: Create an appealing amenity for those relocating to the area

For communities looking to grow, attracting new residents is an important part of spurring on growth. Bookmobiles are a great way to showcase your community’s values and attract new residents.

Not only are moving library trucks an effective tool for garnering the interest of those potentially relocating to the area, but they are also an excellent tool for welcoming new residents into the community. Hosting events focused on educating new residents about the community can help these people learn more about the area’s history, the resources available via the library district, and more.

Talk to Summit Bodyworks about a Moving Library Truck

Communities around the nation benefit from the services a moving library truck provides. If your library district or city is interested in a moving library truck, our team is here to help. At Summit Bodyworks, we have years of experience assisting communities with the creation of high-quality bookmobiles.

To see what we can do, check out one of our recent builds for the Fountaindale Public Library District. Designed on a Freightliner M2 chassis, this moving library truck is upfitted with all the latest and best in on-board technology. With this new library truck, the Fountaindale Public Library District is able to further its community reach and positively impact its district.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help, reach out to our team for a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you with your bookmobile, allowing you to learn about the vast array of benefits these mobile units offer.