SOLD to Meeker County

SOLD to Meeker County! This sheriff’s department in Minnesota is now the proud owner of our Multi-Purpose Command & Transport (MPCT) unit. Built on a rugged Freightliner chassis, this 31 foot unit is equipped with some truly outstanding features that they will be proud to show off!

This unit has two workstations with four screens each to watch media broadcasting, security cameras, display data, and to be used as computer monitors. The exterior is also equipped with a display screen for conducting mission briefs and press conferences.

Interior display screens


The interior is equipped with custom C-tech cabinetry enforced with gas assisted pistons for security. The meeting space includes laminate whiteboard lockers, seats with interior storage, weapon storage closets, and a removable table. Being a multi-purpose unit, this SWAT deployment area/locker room can be converted to a meeting space by adding the table to the center from its custom fitting cabinet space. The overheads can be switched to their red light function to prepare the team for night deployment.

Convertible meeting space/deployment area


Karl Kirschstein, Law Enforcement Sales Specialist at Summit Bodyworks, personally delivered the vehicle to the Meeker team. While with the team, he gave them a thorough walkthrough and training over each asset and their functions so that the crew would be ready to hit the road when needed.

Kirschstein trains the officers on the assets of the cab


Meeker reported that this vehicle checked all necessary boxes on their list as far as function, mobility, and size. The unit will be used for outreach to the communities of Meeker County as well as local police and sheriff incidents. Since seeing the functionality of this unit, Kirschstein says several counties have inquired about getting their own unit.

Summit Bodyworks is proud to support law enforcement teams like these who work hard to serve their communities well.