Tips for Creating an Efficient Workspace in Your Mobile EOD Vehicle

Rear of an EOD vehicle with extended ramp

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) vehicles are a critical piece of equipment for bomb squads. These vehicles are custom-built to ensure that teams have the exact design and layout needed to operate efficiently and safely. Due to the strict safety requirements of an EOD vehicle, these units are typically designed with heavy armor and specialized glass.

An EOD truck will be constructed from the chassis up, which allows teams to contribute to the vehicle’s layout and design. During this process, teams can determine everything from the storage options onboard to the built-in technology equipment.

As you look to create an efficient workspace in your mobile EOD vehicle, the following are the best tips for customization.

Consider Everyone’s Role

EOD vehicles are used for a variety of purposes. They are often designed to send military, emergency response, or law enforcement personnel to a situation where bomb defusal is critical for everyone’s safety.

For this reason, the officers who dispose of bombs and other hazardous explosive devices should be the first to have a say in how the vehicle is designed. When customizing the layout of the vehicle, consult with everyone who will be operating the truck and onboard equipment.

Take into consideration every person’s unique role and what they will need to do their job efficiently and safely.

By considering the roles of those who will be operating the EOD vehicle, you can ensure this vehicle has everything in place to help keep operations smooth and safe.

Ensure the Space is Decluttered

Due to the intensity of the work done with an EOD vehicle, workspaces must remain decluttered. When equipment is stacked haphazardly, it can lead to inefficiencies in work, which ultimately can create a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

During customization, think about where equipment will be stored, and what extra storage options might be necessary for additional cargo.

Ample storage options will allow teams to keep the vehicle organized, ensuring that walkways are free of clutter and that workspaces are ready for use.

Customized storage solutions can also include specific designs for bomb defusal robotics and other job-specific equipment.

Include the Right Technology

As is true with most emergency vehicles, EOD vehicles need to include a vast array of onboard technology. Bomb defusal requires specialized equipment, as does in-field communication. When customizing your build, be sure to think through what technology will help your team operate efficiently.

Common equipment built into an EOD truck includes the following options:

  • Scanners
  • Disruptors
  • Searching devices
  • Hazardous material response equipment
  • Dispatch equipment
  • Generators
  • Communication services
  • Command stations
  • Night vision cameras
  • Electronic countermeasure (ECM) devices

Before starting your custom EOD build, be sure to take the time to create an extensive list of the technology your team will need.

Make Robot Operations Smoother

There are no second chances in bomb defusal, which is why ensuring smooth operations of equipment is a must.

One of the best ways to keep your team safe and to ensure rapid deployment of life-saving robots is to include an easy-to-operate robot ramp in your build. This ramp should allow your team to deploy a robot from the safety of an armored vehicle, removing the need for team members to exit the vehicle themselves.

Additionally, the EOD vehicle should include a dedicated area for remote operation of all robotics.

Design Ample Room

An EOD vehicle can be designed on almost any size chassis. For this reason, it is possible to create a vehicle with ample room, no matter how large your teams’ operations.

When customizing your build, consider how much passenger space you will need, and how much equipment teams will need to haul.

Opting for a large enough build will also allow your department to grow over time without the space becoming cramped. Ample space will also ensure efficiency as teams will not be working on top of one another.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Beyond the operational needs of your team, don’t forget to think about adding extras into your custom build.

For example, building a breakroom can ensure that when your team is working long hours, they have a place to unwind and recharge. This can go a long way in cutting down on stress and keeping everyone fueled up and ready for whatever the day brings. Other helpful additions include built-in bathrooms, kitchen equipment, and sleeping quarters.

Before you sign off on your custom build, make sure to think through any extra amenities or features that will help your team. Additionally, this can be a great way to create a multi-use vehicle. By adding in extra features, your team can utilize the EOD vehicle for other emergency or law enforcement operations.

Customize Your Build Today

At Summit Bodyworks, we understand how important it is for your team to have a mobile EOD vehicle they can rely on and one that allows for efficient, safe operation. Our bomb squad vehicles are custom-built to your needs. Each vehicle is designed from the chassis up with high-quality parts and equipment. Our vehicles are all constructed to perform well in any scenario your job brings.

Additionally, we know that every client’s needs are going to be different. That is why we will work closely with your team to manufacture a vehicle that is best suited to your department and function. We offer a huge array of options to accommodate your team’s needs.

Talk to us today about customizing an EOD vehicle for your fleet.