Branding and Marketing Your Mobile Medical Clinic

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Mobile medical vehicles play an important role in the healthcare system. These medical clinics are capable of serving communities in a unique way — by bringing medical professionals to patients no matter where they are located.

If your medical team is investing in a mobile medical clinic, designing the interior of the vehicle and the layout of the equipment is only the first step. From here, you’ll want to ensure that your mobile medical vehicle is well-branded and that you market to the local community.

For medical teams investing in mobile medical vehicles, the following tips will help as you brand and market your new on-the-go clinic.

Start by Creating Your Brand Guidelines

Before you can properly brand your mobile medical unit and market it to the appropriate audience, you’ll need to make sure you have created your clinic’s branding basics. These guidelines will help steer the marketing strategy.

Brand guidelines should include:

  • Your clinic’s name and logo
  • The fonts that you will use for marketing materials
  • Your slogan (if you have one)
  • Your brand’s color palette

For small clinics, it can be helpful to work with a marketing agency to establish your brand guidelines. For larger clinics, your internal marketing team likely has already established these guidelines and you can work off of these. Either way, the goal is to ensure that everything you create for your mobile medical clinic matches with your clinic’s overall brand. This can help establish trust with patients who will associate your mobile medical vehicle with your overall organization.

Include a Custom Wrap in Your Mobile Clinic Design

As you customize your mobile medical vehicle, make sure to request a custom wrap as part of the vehicle’s design. A custom wrap allows you to showcase your clinic’s information, making it easy for patients to instantly recognize your clinic no matter where you go.

Often, clinics will include the name of their organization, specialty, and a fun design. For example, the Texas Children’s Hospital designed a primary care unit with a unique wrap. The wrap clearly states their organization’s name, as well as sticks to their brand colors. But from here, the team got creative and added a touch of whimsy to the unit. Across the front and sides of the mobile medical vehicle reads “Superkids” and two comic-book-style superhero children are located near the clinic’s entrance. This fun wrap helps make the unit more appealing to children and makes it easy for parents to notice.

No matter what type of medical unit you are designing, find a way to incorporate creativity into the custom wrap to help it stand out from your everyday vehicle.

Market Your Mobile Medical Vehicle Online

In today’s fast-paced world, people are constantly looking for quick answers from their mobile devices. Often, when someone is ill or in need of a special medical service, they will grab their phone and do a quick Google search for the clinic nearest to them.

This is where mobile medical vehicles can take the opportunity to market themselves online. Running an online ad campaign can help you reach customers who are looking for the services you are offering.

Additionally, by creating a section of your clinic’s website that is dedicated to your mobile unit, you can showcase where your unit will be traveling, allowing potential patients the chance to plan ahead for when you are in their area.

Lastly, don’t forget to tap into the power of social media. Whenever your mobile medical clinic is traveling to a new location, create a Facebook and Instagram post highlighting your schedule and services offered.

Raise Community Awareness About Your Mobile Clinic

Having a mobile medical clinic gives you the chance to reach countless new patients in your community. In order for it to be a success, people need to know your clinic exists. Look for ways that you can raise awareness in your community.

A few methods to try out include:

  • Handing out information about the clinic at a health fair
  • Distributing flyers to nearby businesses
  • Providing your local library district with flyers and clinic schedules
  • Contacting shelters and other day resource centers with information about your clinic

There are countless ways to increase awareness about your clinic in the local community. Make sure that you have a few flyer and handout designs that match the branding of your mobile unit. This will ensure that whenever the opportunity arises, you and your team can help spread the word

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Mobile medical vehicles play a vital role in the healthcare system. From vaccination units to bloodmobiles to mobile imaging, these vehicles are capable of traveling anywhere they are needed. This provides an immense amount of opportunity for reaching patients in underserved communities, for expanding your clinic’s reach in an affordable manner, and for assisting homebound clients.

If your clinic is considering the addition of a mobile medical unit, talk to our team at Summit Bodyworks about how we can help. We can assist you with not only the design of the vehicle’s interior layout, but we also offer custom wrapping services for your new clinic. This allows you to market your clinic to the local community, reaching more patients with lifesaving services.

Want to see our work in action? Check out some of our most recent customer builds. From small vans to large buses, we can help you craft the perfect mobile medical vehicle to match your team’s needs. Contact us today.