Creating an Efficient Workflow in Your Bloodmobile

Lady donating blood with a nurse

Every day, bloodmobiles around the country are responsible for increasing the number of blood donations received in local communities. With the ability to drive a bloodmobile to an office park, a college campus, or a rural community, these mobile medical vehicles make it more convenient for new and returning donors to schedule a blood donation around their busy schedule.

For medical staff to accept as many blood donations as possible on a given day, the vehicle itself must be designed for efficiency. The key is to create a workflow that makes it easier to accept clients, take blood, and safely store donations.

The following guide will help you design a workflow that improves efficiency and allows you to accept the most life-saving donations possible.

Have a Dedicated Check-In Space

One of the keys to creating a more efficient workflow in your bloodmobile is to design a dedicated check-in space. This prevents the main aisle of your bloodmobile from becoming backlogged with nurses and patients.

Create a small area where clients can be screened and patient information can be gathered. This could be at the entrance of the bloodmobile or set up outside of the bloodmobile. Outfitting your bloodmobile with a strong wifi signal will ensure that nurses can access technology as needed, even from an area outside of the vehicle.

Not only does separating your check-in area free up more space in the main body of the bloodmobile, but it also ensures client privacy.

Install Ample Shelving and Storage

One of the most important ways to ensure an efficient workflow is to invest in ample shelving and storage. With the right storage, items can be put away between uses, making them easier to find as needed.

Keeping your bloodmobile clutter-free will not only make workflows more efficient but will also ensure safety. Having items lying around or in the walkway can be a tripping hazard.

Some creative storage options for bloodmobiles could include the following:

  • Lofted cabinets above seating areas
  • Built-in closets and shelves near the front and back of the vehicle
  • Hanging storage from the ceiling
  • Shelves and storage space underneath seating

Loft Client Seating

Many bloodmobiles are designed with lofted client seating. These seats improve the vehicle’s workflow for two reasons:

  1. They allow nurses to work efficiently as patients are at arm level. This means less bending over for nurses working with patients.
  2. Lofted seats allow for more storage. Important items that nurses need to grab, such as gloves, bandages, and hand sanitizer can be tucked away underneath the patient seating. This means less running between the front and back of the vehicle for important equipment.

When lofting patient seating, it is important to ensure that it is still easy for donors to get in and out of the seats. Small steps can be added to the area, making it simple for donors to safely climb into the seats. Additionally, patient comfort should always be top of mind when designing your seating spaces. Comfortable, reclining seats will help make the donation process as pleasant as possible.

Stagger Tables

Another important component of a bloodmobile is having tables handy for nurses. This provides nurses with a place to set down equipment and makes it easy to grab items as needed.

Keeping the aisle clear is important when designing a bloodmobile to ensure a safe exit path. For this reason, staggering tables between lofted seats is an effective way to guarantee that a table is always nearby without sacrificing additional aisle space.

Built-In Refrigerators

Having built-in refrigeration systems around the patient seating can make it easy for nurses to quickly grab water bottles and juice to offer patients as they relax after donating blood.

Additionally, place a small storage bin near the refrigerator to hold snacks.

Test the Flow with a Trial Run

The best way to determine whether or not your bloodmobile’s workflow is as efficient as possible is to test it out with a trial run. This can help you find any inconveniences in the system.

Have one person dedicated to taking notes during the trial run. Is there ample storage space? Can everyone easily access necessary equipment from the patient area? How easy is it to transition a patient from check-in to their donor bed?

Make any minor adjustments as needed and keep looking for areas to improve.

Visit Summit Bodyworks to Find a New Bloodmobile

Bloodmobiles are an incredible asset for any community. These mobile medical vehicles can be driven to various locations to accept life-saving blood donations. After a class lets out or while running errands, people can conveniently visit a bloodmobile to donate blood between work shifts. In fact, mobile blood drives are responsible for collecting approximately 50% of our blood supply each year.

If you are interested in purchasing a new bloodmobile to increase blood donations in your community, come talk to our team at Summit Bodyworks. We carry a quality selection of bloodmobiles and can help you customize the perfect workflow for your team. Whether you need a large bloodmobile capable of handling multiple patients at a time or you only need a smaller van option, we can assist you in picking out the ideal choice.

Our experienced staff will work with you to ensure that you have the right amount of storage space, onboard technology, and comfortable patient seating.
We look forward to helping you find the right bloodmobile for your team’s needs.