Denver Health Receives Exclusive Medical Vehicle

Summit Bodyworks has been working diligently to release the first vehicle of their Peak body series; a 26 foot long fiberglass mobile medical unit. Denver Health Department is the recipient of this exclusive vehicle, which will be used for a variety of purposes including COVID-19 testing. This vehicle is equipped with three separated rooms, including two examination beds, a blood draw chair, refrigeration units, and more.

Summit Bodyworks is always striving for new innovations in the specialty vehicle industry. From their pioneering spirit in alternative fuel and alternative power sources to the multiple body platforms, fiberglass was a natural addition to add to their portfolio. The Summit team has been working to devise a new kind of truck body which will be exclusive to Summit Bodyworks Specialty Vehicles. The process to release it’s exclusive line of fiberglass bodies has been in the works for some time and will initially be available for the Freightliner M2 chassis. The Peak body series is scheduled for continued development with additional releases scheduled in 2021 that will make them available on other chassis, including Ford. So what is the big deal about fiberglass anyway? Tiny but mighty, when these microscopic fibers are combined with plastic, they make composites that are sturdy, durable, AND lightweight. The lightweight structure allows the vehicle to be both fuel and energy-efficient. Other advantages include corrosion and chemical resistance, thermal insulation, and sustainability.

Denver Health had been in the search of an efficient vehicle to serve as another branch of their clinic to treat the surrounding urban areas. For a variety of reasons including lack of transportation and insufficient insurance, some people in the Denver area struggle to receive adequate medical care. Denver Health wanted this additional mobile clinic so it can deliver high-quality clinical care to those people who otherwise would not have access to it. While the vehicle will serve this purpose in the future, its most recent mission is to assist in responding to the heavy need for COVID-19 testing sites. Previously, Denver Health staff had been conducting tests from stationary drive-up kiosks. With temperatures rapidly dropping in the Denver Metro area and the importance of being able to respond to underserved neighborhoods in need of testing, they knew that a better alternative was necessary. The team will now be using this vehicle as a drive-up testing site, providing warmth, shelter, and a place to take breaks for the nurses medical assistants on testing duty. 

Summit Bodyworks is excited for the future of fiberglass units and the ever-changing efficiency options for specialty vehicles. The team is proud to come alongside those who are working tirelessly to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic!