Four Signs It’s Time to Buy a New Bloodmobile

Bloodmobile parked outside. Side of the bloodmobile has text that says

Bloodmobiles offer incredibly important services in communities across the nation. These mobile medical clinics make it possible for medical professionals to collect life-saving blood donations in many locations.

Bloodmobiles are a vital tool for hospitals and clinics needing to increase blood donations in their community. These vehicles can be custom built to allow for optimal use.

Whether your department already has a bloodmobile or wants to add the first bloodmobile to it, the following are four key indications that it is time for you to invest in a new custom build.

#1: Your Team is Facing Frequent Breakdowns

For teams who already have a bloodmobile in operation, it can be hard to know when the time has come to replace their bloodmobile and upgrade to a new vehicle.

One key indication that the time has come to phase out an older bloodmobile is when you are experiencing frequent breakdowns.

Breakdowns are problematic for multiple reasons:

  1. They are expensive. Breaking down on the side of the road will require your team to call a tow truck or roadside mechanic. Additionally, depending on what caused the breakdown, repairs can be very expensive. When breakdowns become a constant, your clinic’s wallet will begin to feel the drain.
  2. They hinder efficiency. Breaking down on the side of the road means less time spent collecting blood donations. When your bloodmobile breaks down frequently, you can lose valuable time and blood donations.
  3. They can be dangerous. When a bloodmobile breaks down on the side of the road, it puts your staff at risk. While it is impossible to prevent all breakdowns, if your team is stranded on the side of the road frequently, it is time to prioritize their safety with a new vehicle.

#2: Your Bloodmobile No Longer Meets Your Needs

Over time, your team might expand or their needs change. When this happens, your current bloodmobile might no longer meet your team’s requirements.

For example, older bloodmobiles might not be designed to offer the latest technology available. This can hinder the effectiveness of your team and hold you back from offering all the services possible.

In other cases, you now have a larger number of medical team members available for blood drives. If your bloodmobile is too small, there might not be ample room for your staff. This can hold your team back by creating crowded workflows and inefficiencies.

Additionally, an older bloodmobile might have been designed only to gather blood. As your clinic grows, you might wish to offer additional services, such as vaccination clinics, mobile COVID testing, and other medical services on the go.

Upgrading to a new bloodmobile allows you to expand the options available for your staff, as well as ensure that your team has access to the latest and best in medical technology and equipment.

#3: Your Fleet Needs to Grow

In some cases, the bloodmobile you have is still in quality condition and does not need to be replaced.

However, you might need an additional bloodmobile to grow your fleet. Adding a secondary bloodmobile to your mobile medical fleet will allow you to collect more blood donations. This can provide your clinic with new opportunities to help the community.

If your clinic finds it has extra budget dollars to spend, consider adding a second or third bloodmobile to your fleet.

#4: You See New Opportunities

Adding a new bloodmobile to your fleet offers your team the chance to seize new opportunities. This can be an ideal fit when your clinic or hospital is expanding or looking at areas for growth.

The following are all examples of how new opportunities might necessitate a new bloodmobile:

  • Your existing bloodmobile doesn’t have room for new equipment: If you want to start offering additional medical services to your community via a mobile clinic, it might be time to consider a bloodmobile upgrade. A new custom build can allow for upgraded equipment, ensuring the safety of patients while expanding the options your team can offer.
  • Your community is growing: In some cases, it isn’t your clinic that is growing, but rather the community. When this happens, the need for access to blood increases as well. A new bloodmobile will allow your team to collect a higher number of donations, allowing you to meet the communities’ need for additional blood.
  • You want to expand to a larger area: Since your brick and mortar location might only be able to serve the immediate radius, a new bloodmobile can allow you to reach a much larger area. This can help you collect donations from nearby communities, thereby increasing your ability to help those who need blood.

Customize Your New Bloodmobile

There are numerous reasons to purchase a new bloodmobile. This can involve replacing problematic vehicles in your fleet or expanding the services you offer. If you are looking for a new bloodmobile, our team is here to help. At Summit Bodyworks, we specialize in custom mobile medical vehicles, including bloodmobiles.

We can work with you to create a bloodmobile that is the perfect size and style for your clinic’s needs.

Interested in learning more about the work we have done? Check out St. Mary’s Bloodmobile, a custom build we helped to design and manufacture. This bloodmobile features the latest and best in mobile medical equipment and technology. It was custom built to ensure that the St. Mary’s team has everything they need to operate successful blood drives across their community.

Reach out today to learn more about purchasing a new bloodmobile for your team.