How to Find a Host for Your Next Blood Drive

People sitting around a blood drive planning board

For those who work to collect blood donations, one of the most effective means for increasing the number of donations gathered in a month is by running a blood drive.

In fact, the American Red Cross estimates that at the average blood drive 40-50 donors will participate. If an organization were to host a blood drive three to four times a year, that could translate to an incredible 500 lives saved.

And, today, this is more important than ever as an increasing number of people seek out medical care while a decreasing number of donors show up to brick and mortar locations.

If you need to increase the number of blood donations your organization can collect each month, blood drives might be the perfect answer. But in order to run more blood drives, you’ll need more host locations. The following tips can help you find new hosts for your next blood drive.

#1: Work with Local Colleges and Universities

Students and faculty lead busy lives. And while they might be passionate about giving back to their local community, they are often strapped for time, making it difficult to travel to nearby hospitals to donate blood. For many students, transportation is an added issue.

For this reason, colleges and universities make wonderful locations for blood drives. Reach out to local schools and talk to the administration about hosting a blood drive. A blood drive can make it convenient for students and faculty to donate blood, and the drive can provide medical students with a chance to volunteer at the event — a wonderful addition to their education.

#2: Talk to Your Downtown Business Organization

In many cities and towns, an association or organization is formed to help promote the downtown business district. These organizations often focus on hosting events that will bring more foot traffic to local shops and restaurants.

If your city or town has such an organization, they can be the perfect contact for a blood drive. Hosting this event will allow local business owners and employees to conveniently donate blood, while also driving extra foot traffic to the area. The end result is a win for everyone involved in this community-focused event.

#3: Expand to Neighboring Communities

If your blood bank operates in a large city or urban area, consider expanding your host search beyond your normal area of reach. In many cases, neighboring small communities and rural areas would be happy to host a blood drive, but don’t have the same opportunity as those in more populated areas.

This can help provide a convenient donation option for those who just can’t find the time to drive to your brick-and-mortar location.

#4: Make Connections with Large Companies

Large corporations are often looking for additional ways to encourage a sense of giving back among their employees. Hosting a blood drive can give these companies the perfect venue to allow employees time to volunteer at the event, as well as encouraging the organization to participate in donating blood.

Talk to any local businesses with 100+ employees about hosting a two- to three-day event once or twice a year.

#5: Reach Out to Property Management Companies

In some cases, numerous businesses operate out of one shared office park. These office parks are usually managed by a commercial property management company. Property management companies will frequently host events for their tenants, which makes them a great fit for a blood drive.

Reach out to any local commercial property management companies and see if they have any office parks with upcoming events.

#6: Connect with Local Religious Organizations

Churches and other religious clubs or groups are always looking for ways to give back to their community. They can be the perfect place to host a blood drive. Not only that, but many churches belong to a shared denomination, allowing you to tap into a larger pool of potential donors.

#7: Look for Upcoming Events in the Area

Sometimes the easiest way to find a host for a blood drive is to look for an event that is already planned. Whether it is an upcoming farmers market or a community festival, partnering with an event that is already being organized is a great way to find a place to host a drive where the advertising for the event is already taken care of.

#8: Reach Out to the City

Depending on the size of your city, odds are good that your city government involves a plethora of branches. Each branch of the city, from the parks and rec department to the library, is interconnected through the city government.

Talk to your city about hosting a city government employee blood drive. This can help you tap into a large number of potential donors, ranging across job types and ages.

Customize the Right Bloodmobile for Your Team

Whether you are hosting a large blood drive on a monthly basis, or you need a small bloodmobile to handle rural drives, our team can help. We have years of experience creating a variety of medical units, including bloodmobiles.

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To learn more about how we can help your team create a bloodmobile, reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you as you continue to collect life-saving donations.