The Benefits of Buying a New Mobile Clinic

Inside of a mobile primary care clinic

A mobile medical clinic is an effective way for brick-and-mortar clinics to reach a greater number of patients or for new medical businesses to launch without the overhead costs of rent. Additionally, mobile medical vehicles make it possible for clinics of all kinds to offer healthcare to underserved communities and to increase community awareness around life-saving services.

When adding a mobile medical unit to your clinic, you will be faced with the option of purchasing a new or used vehicle. While both new and used vehicles have their own set of pros and cons, a new vehicle can be the ideal selection for teams who need a custom clinic that is designed with ultimate efficiency in mind.

If you are considering the purchase of a mobile medical clinic, take note of the following benefits of purchasing a new vehicle.

Create a Custom Workflow

When purchasing a new mobile medical clinic you have the opportunity to create a custom workflow for your team. This can be extremely beneficial for clinics with specialized services, such as imaging clinics, dental offices, eye clinics, labs, and blood centers.

Rather than simply trying to work with the space that already exists, you can specify the exact layout of your mobile medical clinic when you purchase a brand new vehicle.

When customizing your new mobile clinic, make sure to consider all of the following:

  • How many patients need to be seen at once?
  • What equipment is required?
  • What onboard technology is necessary? (e.g. wifi, computer stations)
  • How many staff members will be working in the clinic at once?

Purchasing a new mobile medical clinic will allow you to design the workflow of the space to be as efficient and as safe as possible for your entire team.

Design the Ideal Storage Space

Whether you are operating a mobile eye clinic or a door-to-door vaccination service, having the right storage space is key. When you purchase a new mobile medical vehicle, you can customize the storage options to meet your staff’s specific needs.

For example, if you are delivering vaccines, you will need to ensure that you have the proper refrigeration options for vaccine storage. If you’re running a primary care vehicle, you might need more storage for common medical equipment.

When designing a mobile medical vehicle, storage options are nearly limitless. You can add overhead cabinets, under-seat shelving, and closet space. Make sure to specify during your build exactly what storage options your team will require.

Get Creative with Multi-Use Options

When you purchase a new mobile clinic and have it outfitted for your specific needs, you can also think creatively and customize the space for multiple uses.

For example, if you run a primary care clinic, you can customize your mobile medical unit to also be ready to handle vaccination events or to host pop-up testing sites.

As you design the space, think about the variety of ways your community could benefit from the mobile medical unit. Be sure to add in some flexible options to allow your team to get the most out of the vehicle.

Enjoy Vehicle Reliability

One of the top reasons why many medical clinics opt for a new medical vehicle rather than used is because of the reliability of a brand new build. A new vehicle will provide your team with peace of mind when traveling from one site to the next.

This is extremely beneficial for medical teams who plan to use the vehicle to reach remote communities. Having a brand new mobile medical unit will translate to less time in the shop and more time spent serving patients.

Take Advantage of Warranties

In many cases, a new mobile medical clinic will come equipped with a warranty. Often these warranties cover simple repairs and maintenance services for a period of time or a set number of miles.

These warranties make it easier to manage your medical fleet and cut down on the costs associated with upkeep.

Implement the Latest in Technology

Purchasing a new mobile clinic allows you to implement the latest and best technology into your build. Newer vehicles are equipped with an array of beneficial upgrades depending on the chassis you select for your vehicle. Those features can include:

  • Backup cameras
  • Lane assist
  • Built-in navigation systems
  • Heated seats
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • Dashcams
  • Blindspot warning and cross-traffic alerts
  • Wifi

With a new mobile medical unit, you can request any of the latest technology available to ensure safety on the road.

Opt for Better Fuel Efficiency

When you purchase a new mobile medical vehicle rather than an older model, you will enjoy the improvements in fuel efficiency. Many medical vehicles are large, which historically has made them costly to operate. However, today, these vehicles are designed to optimize fuel efficiency, lowering your total costs.

Additionally, you can even choose to go electric with your build. Choosing an electric option is a great way to increase efficiency and save on fuel costs. Whether you go completely electric or opt for a hybrid, this technology can help reduce operational costs all while benefiting the environment.

Customize Your New Mobile Clinic Today

Opting for a new mobile clinic is a great way to take full advantage of the best features a mobile medical unit can offer. At Summit Bodyworks, we can help you create the perfect custom build for your specific needs. We have experience creating all of the following medical units:

Regardless of which style of medical unit you need, we can ensure that the vehicle you drive away with is designed to meet your team’s exact wishes. Our goal is to provide you with a mobile medical vehicle that is reliable and improves your team’s ability to be efficient on the job.

Whether you plan to expand your primary care center to reach a greater number of patients, or you are hoping to design a mobile vaccination center to meet the increasing demands of the pandemic, our team is here to help. We look forward to assisting you in designing the perfect new mobile clinic.