How to Choose an Independent Tool Truck Dealer

Exterior of a Cornwall Tool Truck

Whether you are just starting your mobile tools sales business or are ready to expand your reach with a better mobile showroom, choosing the right company to help you with acquiring the perfect truck for your needs is a big key to your success.

It can be challenging for many independent tool dealers to know where to begin when looking for a new truck. Countless options are available, with trucks ranging dramatically in size and layouts.

If you are looking for a tool truck dealer, the following tips will help you find the ideal pick for your specific business needs.

#1: Search for Dealers with Experience

Designing a tool truck requires a great deal of expertise. For this reason, it is best to begin your search by looking for dealers that have experience sourcing quality tool truck designs.

A great way to tell whether or not a dealer can deliver what you need is to spend time looking over their previous work. A dealer with experience working with tool trucks will have a portfolio of completed trucks. This can help you learn more about the quality of their work and which options they can offer you during the purchasing process.

If you can’t find any examples of previous work, reach out and ask the dealer for any information they might have on previous truck builds.

#2: Narrow Your Search to Teams that Offer Layouts Matching Your Needs

While most quality tool trucks will feature similar layouts and features, some nuances can help make your tool truck more effective for your work. When comparing tool truck dealers, look for a team that offers layout and design options that best meet your work needs.

For example, you might want to opt for a specific style of tool organization based on the products you plan to sell. Or, you might want to focus on a large checkout area to process transactions.

Regardless of what you want, your tool truck dealer should be willing to work with you one-on-one to ensure that the truck you purchase meets your specific needs. At the end of the day, the tool truck you drive away with should be upfit with every single thing you need to be successful on the job.

#3: Compare Online Reviews

One of the benefits of the internet is that you have easy access to a business’ reviews. When comparing different tool truck dealers, make sure to spend time reading their customer reviews.

While no business is perfect and there will always be a few dissatisfied customers, look for trends in reviews. If you notice that many reviews include complaints about project completion time or a lack of communication, it’s a good indication of what you can expect from that company. Conversely, if people comment on the quality of the work or the vast selection of layout options, you can probably expect to experience the same.

Reviews are an effective method for weeding out less than reputable truck dealers.

#4: Reach Out to Learn More

In many cases, you’ll have specific questions about your tool truck requirements. You might not be able to find the answers to those questions through an online search. This is why reaching out and speaking to a team is helpful. As you narrow down your search to a few key choices, spend some time talking to these team members on the phone or in person.

Not only can talking to a business help you determine whether or not they can handle your specific requests, but it can also give you insights into how their business operates. Take note of the following during your initial interactions:

  • How easy is it to get a hold of someone? If you struggle to connect with the business during the early purchasing stages, you are likely to have issues during other stages of the purchase process.
  • How courteous are the staff members? Choose a company that prioritizes its customers and offers quality support.
  • How knowledgeable is the staff? Industry experts should lead a quality team. If you don’t feel like you are getting knowledgeable answers to your questions, you might want to look for a different dealer.

#5: Decide Which Dealer is Your Best Choice

Once you have completed all of the above research, it is time to make your final pick. Spend some time comparing all the data you have gathered, looking for which business stands out as the highest quality choice.

If you are still struggling to know which tool truck dealer is the ideal choice for your needs, consider visiting a few dealer locations. Sometimes a quick tour of the company’s facilities can help you determine whether or not they have the equipment and expertise necessary to handle the work you need to be done.

Work with a Long-Trusted Tool Truck Dealer

At Summit Bodyworks, we focus on innovation, quality, and integrity in all we do. With years of experience as a tool truck dealer specialist, we can help you locate the ideal chassis for your build and assist you with the design of the tool truck.

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To learn more about how we can help you find a tool truck for your specific business needs, reach out to our team. We look forward to helping you.