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The FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) puts forth certain requirements for the proper handling and transportation of the nation’s food supply. The solutions offered by Summit Bodyworks help those that transport food comply with the rules and regulations included in the FSMA. We’ve partnered with industry leaders to offer temperature controlled vans that include Gruau’s IsoTemp insulated panels and Zanotti’s refrigeration units that lead the industry and performance and durability.

Whether you need a refrigerated or frozen solution Summit can provide the industry’s best – We also offer financing and lease programs for both small and large fleet operators.

The FSMA act requires companies transporting food meet the following regulations:

  1. Vehicles and Transportation Equipment. Along with their use and maintenance, vehicles and equipment must be designed to protect food while in transit. For example, they must be adequately cleanable and capable of maintaining specific temperatures.
  2. Transportation Operations. Measures such as adequate temperature controls, preventing ready-to-eat food from touching raw food, protecting food from contamination by non-food items, and protecting food from cross-contact with food allergens must be taken.
  3. Training. Carriers must provide training in sanitary transportation practices to all personnel engaged in transportation operations, and there must be documentation of the training. Training should cover potential food safety problems, basic sanitary transportation practices, and general responsibilities sunder FSMA regulations.
  4. Records. Under FSMA, if it wasn’t documented, it didn’t happen. Shippers, 3PLs, and brokers must retain records demonstrating that they provided food safety specifications, temperatures, etc. for 12 months after the termination of the carrier contract. Carriers must retain training records for 12 months after the person identified in the record stops performing duties for which they were trained.

Manufacturer Partners Include

Zanotti manufactures the greatest range of refrigerated transport product under the Transblock brand. The company differentiates itself by manufacturing a broad range of carrier refrigeration that can be tailored to a wide range of customer solutions.

Zanotti pays great attention to the quality of all components and materials used, as well as to the assembly and implementation technologies in order to ensure the consistency and the carrier refrigeration integrity of all products sold around the world.

Zanotti’s range for refrigerated transport of fresh and frozen food includes battery units, ”invisible“ units, direct drive units, all in split and monoblock versions for small and medium insulated bodies. For big insulated containers, Zanotti manufactures Diesel units (Un0° Series) both in monoblock and under-mount versions. The Zanotti units are available for both fresh and frozen applications, with optional conveniences including heating and shore power. 

Gruau (grū-ō) is a France-based company that specializes in van-based commercial upfits. IsoVan products have been produced in Europe since 1976. These decades of experience have allowed Gruau to refine their product into the current industry leader in quality and performance.  

IsoTemp is a system of prefabricated, insulated panels that fit perfectly into each van they are designed for. The superior design of the IsoTemp system results in the industry’s best-insulated performance and long -term durability, which is especially critical for food transport. The system is also able to be divided into up to 3 separate temperature zones for vehicle flexibility. The floor drain and reefer plumbing behind the bulkhead allow for easy cleanup and maintenance.  

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