Mobile DUI Vehicles

At Summit Bodyworks, we are industry leaders in the design of law enforcement vehicles. We can customize mobile DUI vehicles to meet any need.

When it comes to designing a custom mobile DUI vehicle, having access to every option available is a must. Additionally, when you work to upfit a vehicle to operate as a mobile DUI unit, you need to know that the vehicle it is built on is going to be reliable and ready for the task ahead. At Summit Bodyworks, we manufacture an exclusive line of mobile DUI vehicles. Our project managers and engineers will work with you to ensure that you can accomplish everything you need to with your vehicle upfit. 

A mobile DUI vehicle should be customized to ensure the most efficiency possible for the law enforcement personnel utilizing it. After all, this emergency response vehicle will serve a critical role in keeping intoxicated drivers off the road. 

When designing the unit, we can build in a booking area for handling paperwork, conducting sobriety tests, and other important tasks. A holding cell can also be outfitted, with a variety of size options available. Additionally, we can customize a lavatory and galley kitchen for long days and nights of work. Finally, we can create storage space for weapons and other necessary equipment.

At Summit Bodyworks, our team works to customize your mobile DUI vehicle from the chassis up. We ensure that every detail is designed to your exact specifications. For the law enforcement team who needs a mobile DUI unit, our team is here to help.

  • Booking Area

    Mobile DUI vehicles make it possible for cops to conduct sobriety tests, process paperwork, and even handle bookings, all from the road. We will create a custom booking area, complete with any needed storage, seating, or equipment for efficient operation.

  • Weapons and Other Storage

    A mobile DUI vehicle is part of a law enforcement fleet. For this reason, it should be outfitted with everything a cop needs to stay safe and to enforce the law. We can work with you to build in custom storage for weapons and other needed equipment.

  • Size Options

    Whether you need a small DUI unit that can handle a limited number of bookings in an evening, or your team requires a full semi-trailer build, our team offers a variety of size options. We will customize your mobile DUI vehicle to meet your department’s needs.

  • Lavatory/Galley Kitchen Options

    When it comes to enforcing the law and keeping the roads safe, the hours can be long. For this reason, we will help build out lavatories, galley kitchens, and other break room/rest area options for your mobile DUI vehicle. This will ensure the safety and comfort of your team.

  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

Hybrid and all-electric solutions are available for many of our vehicle applications.

Going electric is a great way to increase efficiency and save on costs. As an industry leader in all-electric solutions, we offer custom, innovative solutions that are better for the environment AND your bottom line.

Hybrid & All-Electric Specialty Vehicles
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Up to 85% less operating costs

100% electric & Hybrid options

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Up to 66% less maintenance costs

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is on the inside of a mobile DUI vehicle?

Mobile DUI vehicles, also called mobile DWI units, are designed to make it easier to conduct field sobriety tests, as well as process and book offenders without returning to the station. For this reason, a DUI vehicle’s interior will be outfitted with all the equipment and comforts necessary to make this job-efficient. 

Commonly found on the inside of a DUI unit are holding cells for those who have been processed and booked, work stations for handling paperwork and conducting tests, exterior lighting, awnings, equipment storage, personnel seating, and radio/dispatch stations. 

Along with all the standard equipment, DUI vehicles can be customized with any extra features required. From additional seating to unique county or city requirements, a DUI vehicle can be designed to meet any exact specifications.

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What does BAT stand for?

BAT is an abbreviation standing for Blood Alcohol Testing. In many cases, mobile DUI vehicles are also called BAT vehicles or BAT / DUI units. This is in direct reference to the way the vehicle is utilized by law enforcement. While officers can pull over a driver and conduct a sobriety test in the field from any law enforcement vehicle, a BAT / DUI unit is unique in that it allows for a more in-depth process to take place.

A BAT / DUI vehicle allows law enforcement to test blood alcohol levels without returning to the station. Blood alcohol levels are the determining factor in deciding whether or not someone is driving above the legal limit. Also called, BAC, or blood alcohol content, a BAC of over .08% is considered higher than the legally allowed limit in the United States for drivers.

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Why should a DUI vehicle be custom designed?

A DUI vehicle should be custom-designed to ensure the most efficient workspace for the team who will be utilizing it. As is true with any emergency response vehicle, there is no one-size-fits-all for DUI vehicles. 

Customization allows departments to pick a vehicle that is the right size for their needs. DUI vehicles can be as small as a van or as large as a full semi-trailer. Additionally, creating a custom DUI unit allows the department to weigh in on what equipment will make its job easiest, as well as ensuring that all local regulations are met. 

Finally, different regions of the US might prioritize different needs for their DUI vehicle. For example, in colder climates, keeping personnel and civilians protected from the elements might be key. Customization ensures no detail is left unnoticed.

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What are the most common options in DUI vehicles?

Mobile DUI vehicles come with a vast selection of options, both in regard to equipment and the vehicle itself. When looking to design a DUI unit, it is important to consider what options will be needed by your team. The following are all common options for DUI vehicles:

  •     Processing area for testing and booking
  •     Holding cell
  •     Work stations
  •     Power options, such as additional generators
  •     Exterior lighting for outside work stations
  •     Radio and communications station
  •     Passenger seating
  •     Break room
  •     Lavatory 
  •     Testing equipment

Additionally, when customizing a DUI unit, the type of vehicle that acts as the basis for the upfit will need to be chosen. There are numerous options available for converting into a mobile BAT vehicle. The decision on what vehicle to utilize will primarily be determined by size needs.

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What technology is within a DUI vehicle?

Mobile DUI vehicles are equipped with the latest in technology and communication options.

Common technology to find in a DUI vehicle includes the following: 

  •     BAC testing equipment: Testing blood alcohol content is a determining factor in whether or not someone is considered to be driving while under the influence. BAT units come equipped with the latest technology for BAC testing. This equipment can include everything from standard breathalyzers to the most accurate form of testing, blood draws. 
  •     Communication equipment: DUI units are equipped with the latest in communication technology. From radio stations to keep in close contact with other personnel to microphones for drivers to communicate with spotters when backing up the unit, a DUI vehicle can be outfitted with every communication technology needed.
  •     Leveling System: Many DUI units come equipped with a leveling system to ensure the vehicle is level, even when parked on uneven ground.

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