The Benefits of a New Rapid Deployment Vehicle

Exterior of a black rapid deployment vehicle with its side door open

Rapid Deployment Vehicles (RDV) are designed with a sole purpose in mind — being ready to go at a moment’s notice while remaining covert. These vehicles should get teams from point A to point B as efficiently as possible while offering protection and comfort, no matter where the operation takes place.

The goal of adding an RDV to your department’s fleet is to create an extension of your operations. As such, you need an RDV that is geared to meet your department’s specific needs. Whether you operate in a major metroplex and need to transport a dozen law enforcement agents to a scene, or you are looking for a small vehicle outfitted to match your community’s needs, a Rapid Deployment Vehicle needs to be highly customized.

For this reason, investing in a new RDV is a beneficial tactic. Maybe you are phasing out older vehicles in your law enforcement fleet, or you are considering adding a Rapid Deployment Vehicle to your department for the first time. Either way, picking a brand new upfit is the best option.

Check out the following top benefits of adding a new RDV to your department’s fleet.

Customization of Your Build

Whether you need additional weapons storage, technology, workspace, or personnel seating, choosing a new Rapid Deployment Vehicle allows you complete control over the customization of your build.

Your vehicle will be manufactured by a team of highly qualified installers, designers, and engineers, built from the ground up. The end result is that the vehicle you drive away with is precisely what your team needs.

Since RDVs are often used in specialized situations, your team has highly specific requirements for your build. When you opt for a new vehicle, you can work with a custom builder to create a vehicle that will improve the efficiency and safety of your team.

Reliability for Any Job

There are several reasons why older vehicles are not an ideal choice for Rapid Deployment Vehicles. After all, RDVs are often used for time-sensitive operations. You cannot afford to have your vehicle fail you during a job.

For this reason, choosing a new build offers you the ultimate reliability. You can rest assured that your team can make it quickly to a crime scene or deploy to a specific area without fear of breakdowns along the way.

Additionally, a new build will require less maintenance and upkeep. This allows you to keep your fleet operational for more days of the year, which helps keep your community and law enforcement team safe.

Access to the Latest and Best Technology

When you opt for a brand new Rapid Deployment Vehicle, your vehicle will be built with the latest technology offered.

This ensures that your teams can stay in touch from anywhere. Options for technology are vast. Equip your RDV with surveillance, riot control capabilities, fire detection, and onboard WiFi, and more.

If there is a specific technology your team needs to operate effectively, a custom upfit will allow you to add this technology to your build.

Rather than trying to piece together solutions down the road, a brand new RDV makes it easy to implement everything you need from day one.

In addition to communication and surveillance technology, new RDV upfits allow your team to take advantage of the latest vehicle technology available. A new vehicle can be equipped with all the bells and whistles, like improved fuel economy or lane assist.

A Practical Investment of Department Dollars

When adding a new vehicle to your law enforcement fleet, you are most likely required to detail the cost of the upfit for the department’s budget.

A new Rapid Deployment Vehicle is a good investment of department dollars. Even though these vehicles are upfit with all the best technology, they are still an economical and affordable option for SWAT and covert operation teams.

When reviewing your budget for the year ahead, a new RDV is a great way to invest in your department’s long-term future.

A Discrete Solution for Covert Operations

In many cases, RDVs respond to situations that require a covert operation. When you choose to design a brand new Rapid Deployment Vehicle, you can create the ultimate discrete solution.

Designed on a variety of chassis, these vehicles can be made to look as if they were simply another Ford Transit or everyday box truck.

Without common law enforcement markings, these vehicles are unrecognizable as a part of your fleet. This allows your team to operate safely during potentially charged situations.

The Ultimate Multi-Use Functionality

Choosing to custom build a new rapid deployment vehicle allows your team to create a multi-use vehicle. By choosing the right features, your department can use the new RDV for DUI checkpoints, hostage negotiations, emergency disaster response, and more.

There are many options for creating a multi-use vehicle, allowing your team to make the most of your investment.

Talk to Summit Bodyworks about a New Rapid Deployment Vehicle

If your team is interested in adding a new Rapid Deployment Vehicle to your law enforcement fleet, our team is here to help. At Summit Bodyworks, we are the nation’s leading specialty vehicle and truck body manufacturer and upfitter. We have over 30 years of experience building specialty vehicles. We build our high-quality RDV’s to help keep communities and law enforcement safer.

We invite you to check out one of our recent Rapid Deployment Vehicle builds on a Ford Transit. Featuring a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Engine, this vehicle was custom designed to ensure that the team who will use it has exactly what they need to respond to events quickly and effectively.

Come talk to our team at Summit Bodyworks. In addition to our expertise in specialty builds, we offer superior customer service. From the first moment you discuss your design with our team to the day we deliver your custom vehicle, we are committed to providing you with quality services.