The Top Medical Fields that Benefit from Mobile Clinics

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A mobile medical vehicle is a great way for doctors and nurses to serve a greater number of patients regardless of where those patients are located. Not only can a mobile medical clinic be driven to a specific location to ensure a greater reach, but they also can be used for specialized services.

From corporate blood drives to rural vaccination clinics, a mobile medical vehicle makes it possible to offer life-saving services in any location.

If your medical center is thinking of adding a mobile medical unit to your clinic, here’s a list of the top medical fields that will benefit the most from investing in a mobile medical clinic.

Blood Centers

Blood centers are integral to the well-being of any community. Here, eligible adults can donate life-saving blood that can be used for the treatment of patients. Often attached to a hospital, a blood center exists to accept blood donations, store blood, and distribute blood to clinics as needed.

A blood center can greatly benefit from adding a mobile medical vehicle to its fleet. Bloodmobiles can be used to host blood drives throughout the community. While people might find it too inconvenient to drive across town after work to donate blood at a center, they might be willing to donate their blood on their lunch break at a bloodmobile parked right outside of their office.

Additionally, bloodmobiles are an effective way of reaching nearby rural communities. Rather than asking donors to drive 30 miles into town to donate blood, hosting pop-up blood drives in small neighboring communities can make it convenient for willing donors to sign up to donate.

Hospitals and Pharmacies

Hospitals and pharmacies are both responsible for administering a variety of vaccines. From annual flu vaccines to shingles vaccinations to COVID-19 vaccines, communities need to have easy access to these life-saving shots.

A mobile vaccination unit is a great choice for hospitals, pharmacies, and other clinics responsible for administering vaccines. These mobile clinics can help reach more people while promoting vaccinations in underserved communities or reaching the elderly in their homes.

The best part about adding a mobile vaccination vehicle to your hospital or pharmacy’s fleet is that the unit can also double as a testing site or can be used to deliver medication to homebound patients.

Primary Care Centers

A primary care center is dedicated to providing preventive care, helping detect health risks early on. Adding a mobile medical vehicle to your primary care center can help you reach more patients efficiently.

With the use of a mobile primary care vehicle, healthcare professionals can travel directly to a patient’s neighborhood, workplace, or even their home to offer convenient care. This can also help ensure that underserved communities have access to the healthcare they need.

A mobile primary care unit can be designed to offer a full array of services including physical exams, screenings, labs, vaccinations, medications, and behavioral health services.

Reaching high-risk patients is easier with the use of a mobile medical vehicle, allowing primary care centers to deliver much-needed healthcare to the patients who need it most.

Dental Offices

Dentists can increase the number of dental services offered with a mobile dental vehicle. These mobile medical vehicles can be custom-built to reach remote areas of your community or to provide overflow services at your brick-and-mortar location.

From routine cleanings to life-saving oral surgeries, a mobile dental vehicle can be outfitted with all the necessary equipment to provide an array of dental services on the go.

Dental clinics often invest in these vehicles to serve homebound patients or to host dental awareness drives in underserved communities. Regardless of how the mobile dental vehicle is used, these units are a great addition to an established or growing dental office.

Eye Clinics

Eye clinics that want to expand their reach can benefit greatly from the purchase of a mobile medical unit. Investing in a mobile eye clinic allows services to be offered to more patients than can be seen in a brick-and-mortar location. These units can be custom built to house all the same equipment that is found at a clinic’s physical location.

The best part about adding this mobile medical unit to your vision clinic is that these vehicles can be driven to offices, schools, and rural communities to provide eye screenings and other important services as needed.

Radiology Centers

Imaging allows physicians to screen for conditions that may not be seen on the surface. This makes it possible for doctors to more accurately diagnose and monitor diseases and conditions. Mobile imaging vehicles can be used to offer a greater reach for imaging services.

A mobile imaging vehicle can be used for all of the following services:

  • Mammograms
  • CT/CAT Scans
  • X-rays

Whether your radiology center wants to host a mammogram awareness day at a local office park, or you are trying to reach a rural portion of your community with life-saving radiology testing, adding a mobile imaging vehicle is a great way to expand your services to a community.

Medical Labs

Medical labs are responsible for providing important screening services. From testing urine samples to drawing blood to mixing prescriptions on-site, these medical clinics ensure that doctors can provide timely care to a variety of patients.

A mobile lab or testing vehicle can allow medical laboratories to reach more patients efficiently. In addition to offering standard lab services, these clinics can be outfitted for COVID-19 testing and other important pandemic-related services.

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If your medical clinic is ready to expand its reach, consider the addition of a mobile medical vehicle. These mobile units allow you to increase the number of services you offer, reach patients in a wider area, and operate more efficiently.

At Summit Bodyworks, we can help you create the perfect mobile clinic for your specific needs. Whether you are a dental clinic looking to reach a rural community or a hospital hoping to expand your vaccination capabilities, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about a custom mobile medical vehicle.