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Custom design the ideal mobile classroom with the expert team at Summit Bodyworks. We offer any layout, design, or size needed.

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A mobile classroom allows you to teach from anywhere. These custom vehicle builds are critical for numerous educational purposes. From schools that offer remote learning options to trade specific classes, a mobile classroom ensures that educational opportunities are not limited by brick and mortar. 

At Summit Bodyworks, we are passionate about helping our clients create the perfect custom vehicle for their needs. When it comes to a mobile classroom, our team is here to ensure that no detail is left unnoticed. We will work with you to create the ideal desk options, layout, built-in computer stations, lab equipment, and more. 

A mobile classroom often serves a very specific purpose. In some cases, specialty equipment is needed to conduct training and courses. The good news is that at Summit Bodyworks, we partner with the top manufacturers in regards to both vehicles and specialized equipment. We will ensure that the mobile classroom you drive away with is built to last and customized for your needs. Whether you are hosting a first-grade class or a CPR training course, the right build will allow your team to work efficiently. 

With over thirty years of experience upfitting specialty vehicles, we understand what it takes to design and build the right mobile learning unit. We have a keen focus on customer service, backed by a commitment to only design the highest quality of custom vehicles. Talk to us today about designing a mobile classroom for your team’s needs.

  • Desk options and layouts

    Whether you need to host five students or twenty, we will work with you to choose the ideal desk options and layout for your needs. Our focus is on ensuring that the design of the mobile classroom is conducive to effective learning.

  • Computer stations built-in

    In most cases, a mobile classroom will need to be equipped with computers and other technology. We will work with you to design custom built-in computer stations, as well as built-in space for other equipment. This ensures the optimal use of space in your mobile classroom.

  • Customized storage for books or laptops or other materials

    Learning requires a lot of materials and equipment. Your mobile classroom needs to be ready to go the moment students arrive for classes. We will help you customize your vehicle with custom storage that will ensure books, laptops, and other materials remain organized between classes.

  • Different chassis options are available

    Not all mobile classrooms are the same size. Whether its a van or a truck or another chassis type, Summit Bodyworks can upfit any chassis type or size for your mobile classroom needs.

  • Lab equipment options

    For mobile classrooms that are focused on medical learning or other courses requiring lab equipment, we can work with you to design the right layout paired with the perfect equipment options. We partner with leading manufacturers to ensure the longevity of use.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How large are typical mobile classrooms?

A typical mobile classroom will vary in size depending on the chassis the custom vehicle was built on. These vehicles can range anywhere from a small shuttle bus style build to a full semi-trailer layout. The size of the mobile classroom will be determined by the needs of the team utilizing it.

The biggest factor in how large a mobile classroom vehicle should be is how the layout is designed. For example, some mobile classrooms will come equipped with desks, a lab area, computer stations, and a breakroom. These vehicles will be much larger in size than a mobile classroom that only features a small area for seating. Additionally, if the classroom needs to feature large equipment or other specialized add-ons, the build can become quite large. Similar to a physical classroom in a building, a mobile classroom will be designed to be whatever size is needed.

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What types of skills/classes are taught in a mobile classroom?

Mobile classrooms have limitless uses. These classrooms are custom designed to meet the needs of the instructors and students who will utilize the space. The following are all common skills and classes that are taught in mobile classrooms:

  • Medical courses: When outfitted with lab equipment, a mobile classroom can be utilized for hosting specialized medical courses. 
  • Continuing adult education classes: From computer classes to trade focused courses, mobile classrooms are often utilized by communities for teaching continuing adult education courses.
  • Safety courses: In many cases, a mobile classroom will travel from company to company, offering important safety courses. This could include everything from fire safety to OSHA compliance courses to CPR certification. 
  • Childhood education: From pre-K classes to kindergarten, all the way through middle school learning, a mobile classroom can be utilized to offer childhood education. 

In the end, any skill or class can be taught in a mobile classroom. These vehicles are customized to offer any equipment, seating, or other necessary learning features. 

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How many students can be taught at once in a mobile classroom?

A mobile classroom offers space for teaching as many students as desired. Since a mobile classroom is custom-built, the number of students who can take a class at one time is dependent on the size and layout chosen. In some cases, the classroom might only be equipped for small, intimate class sizes, such as with a classroom designed on a van chassis. In other situations, the classroom might be capable of hosting a large number of students, even boasting a variety of equipment. If a large classroom is needed, a semi-trailer will be a more ideal starting point for the build. 

Beyond just the number of students a classroom can host, it is also important to consider any additional features needed, such as workstations, lab equipment, and other learning materials.

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What technical equipment or teaching aids can be accommodated in a mobile classroom?

A mobile classroom can be outfitted to feature almost any technical equipment or teaching aid required. Similar to constructing a stationary classroom, the layout and space offered will play a big factor in how much equipment can be housed in the room. 

When designing a mobile classroom, it is important to work with a team who can help customize the space to specific teaching needs. For example, a mobile medical classroom is going to require a lot more equipment and specialized learning materials. In this case, the build will need to be large enough to accommodate these needs.

In other cases, the classes and courses hosted might only need space for desks, laptops, and a few small teaching aids. In this case, a smaller build will suffice, allowing for money savings on the build.

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Can mobile classrooms be used for multiple purposes/class types?

Mobile classrooms can be utilized for almost any class type desired. In fact, one mobile classroom could be used to host multiple class types, as well as act as a community center for other purposes. The following are all ways a mobile classroom could be multi-purposed beyond just common classes:

  • Safety Courses: A mobile classroom can be utilized to offer communities opportunities for extended safety courses. From fire safety, such as training on utilizing fire extinguishers, to CPR certifications, the custom vehicle can be used to promote a variety of safety initiatives.
  • Community Events: When not in use for classes, a mobile classroom can be repurposed to act as a community event center. Anything from a mobile art gallery to a bake sale could be hosted in this space.
  • Summer Classes: During the summer months, day camps and other activities can be hosted in the mobile unit. 

The key to utilizing a mobile classroom for multiple purposes is to ensure the layout is versatile and adjustable.

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